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Meet the Host

Bryan Ward is a husband and proud father of two adult sons. He is also a Marine Corps Veteran. He is a championship basketball coach, but after 20 years coaching, he is now retired. Now his focus is on coaching dads on how to be the best they can be for their families.


Bryan is currently the creator and host of a top-rated podcast called Dad Up Podcast. Over the past 3 years, Bryan has been focusing on helping dads become the best dad they can be for their families. He has coached countless fathers on learning tools and strategies in parenting. He has also been featured on radio, various publications and even been interviewed by CNN for the work he is doing for dads. 


Bryan is currently working on his first book, Dad Up, and hopes it will serve as a useful tool for any parent.


Bryan and his wife, Andrea, reside in California with their two sons, Blake and Brett.

Father and Daughter Having Breakfast

Any man can be a Father. It takes someone special to be a Dad! 

Find The Dad Up Podcast at

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